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Document Management System

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VDocs-Document Management System

Virtual Document Management System is basically used to upload the Documents. Using this module user can upload multiple documents. Users have the facility to share the documents. User can share the Document to Public i.e. all the members in an Organization can view the document. User can share the document as Custom i.e. only a few members in organizations which have been selected by User can view or download document. User can also upload document as Private which is restricted to him only. The user who uploaded the document can only view the document.

Mauli Library from one of city from Maharashtra has a large volume and a very unique collection of newspaper cutouts, handwritten books/charts and pictures/paintings about VARKARI SAMPRADAY and SAINT DYNANESHWAR, and they want to preserve his precious collections. the only way come out to preserve is to digitization. They realized it needed a formal Document Management (DMS) System to more effectively manage this information, which had been stored and organized in newspaper cutouts, handwritten books/charts and pictures/paintings for more than a century.

Through a personal relationship with Mr.Shinde who worked at DBS learned about the Document Management system. As an DMS solution provider, Mr.Shinde demonstrated how the Document Management solution could help Mauli Library efficiently move from its outdated paper-based approach to a true electronic document management system that could also automate workflows as well as enhance its DMS capabilities. Digigrate worked closely with Mauli to define specific workflows as well as document types and associated metadata properties in V-Docs, which automated the process of uploading new documents into the system.

" DBS made this process very easy. They digitized almost 25,000 pages in 20 days without harming original copies. They've been instrumental in helping us get the most out of V-Docs," said Mauli Library Owner

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