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Email Marketing Service Company In Pune

Digigrate Business Solution Company is the top Email Marketing services in Pune, which uses a modernized means of marketing techniques used by our experts to promote your company´┐Żs products or services via powerful email campaigning for your prospective customers. With respect to cost, email campaigns are the most affordable platform unlike other advertising campaigning such as TV, Radio, Ads, Print Ads, etc. Sending emails to multiple-groups saves time and increases leads instantly.

Below are the different Features of our Email Marketing

  • Segment and route emails
  • Instant reports
  • Schedule and send campaigns by email
  • Cheap
  • Redirect Ads to Customer Segment
  • Multi-user access

Future Of Email Marketing


The email marketing of the future is exciting and driven by innovation and, for companies that want to adapt, the opportunities are huge. Here is a preview of some changes that email marketing is about to suffer. Artificial intelligence will take control. Chatbots are essentially artificial intelligence software designed to simplify complex predefined tasks without the need for a human being to participate directly. They are also revolutionizing the way email marketing works. The emails will be increasingly short Smartphones are gradually becoming the most used device to check emails. Statistics show that more than 80% of users first read emails on their mobile devices. Animation and GIF will make visual communication exciting. Who said emails are static and boring? Add a fantastic animation or Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and your email will come to life immediately. Future forecasts for email marketing show that emails are meant to be more fun and interactive with the inclusion of animations. Machine-machine communication will increase. Emails are undergoing a seismic change and, in the future, you probably do not even have to worry about opening and sending emails. Experts predict that with the rapid evolution of technology and the changing needs of customers, emails will go a long way through greater machine-to-machine communication.

Benefits Of Service

Below are the Benefits of our Email Marketing

  • Cost savings
  • Time Savings
  • Easily import/export contacts
  • Security
  • Increase Lead ratio
  • Greater Business Flexibility